Press Clipping
Catchy Ladino Songs for Children

Sarah Aroeste – Ora de Despertar (Aroeste Music, 2016)

Musician and songwriter Sarah Aroeste has released an album titled Ora de Despertar (Time to Wake Up). It’s a collection of original Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) songs for children. Aroeste developed the album inspired by her own children. Her intention is that other children will have fun while they learn about the ancient Ladino culture.

The songs are catchy and playful, and educational as well. Ora de Despertar shows how to say times of the day, foods, greetings, body parts, numbers, nature items, etc.

The Ora de Despertar project also includes an animated video series by Spanish animator José Cubero, a songbook, signature tee shirts, and more.

Album lineup: Sarah Aroeste on vocals; Shai Bachar on piano, programming, q-chord; Fima Ephron on upright and electric bass; Danny Flam on tuba, trombone; Yael Kraus on backing vocals; Tal Matmor on electric bass, ukulele; Shahar Mintz on acoustic and electric guitar; Tali Rubinstein on flutes, backing vocals; and Ariel Shafir on drums, percussion.