Press Clipping
Sarah Aroeste "Ora De Despertar"

A pretty-sounding album aimed at young children, in which singer Sarah Aroeste aims at revitalizing the Ladino language, which was originally an offshoot of mediaeval Spanish and the Hebrew spoken by the Sephardic Jews in the Iberian peninsula. At first blush, it just sounds like Spanish, but idiosyncrasies emerge as the Jewish (and other) influences emerge. Musically, this record has a distinctively "kids music feel": big, simple melodies with thick, round contours and a didactic feel that would be familiar to the viewers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and fans of Raffi, as opposed to, say, Sesame Street or They Might Be Giants. Aroeste's voice is quite pleasant, and her diction is quite clear, and certainly many families of Ladino modernists will be pleased to use this as an educational boost for thier toddlers.