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Sarah Aroeste, inspired by her family's Sephardic roots in Greece and Macedonia, has spent the last 15 years bringing her contemporary style of original and traditional Ladino music to audiences around the world.

Aroeste writes and sings in Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish dialect that originated by Spanish Jews after their ...

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Ron Kadish

Sarah Aroeste's Single "Las Komidas (Mealtimes)"

International Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste has spent over a decade bringing contemporary Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) music to audiences around the globe. One of few Ladino artists today who writes her own music in the fading Sephardic language, Aroeste has been known for her unique style of combining traditional Mediterranean sounds with contemporary influences such as rock, pop, and electronica. She has released three recordings, A la Una: In the Beginning (2003), Puertas (2007), and Gracia (2012). In September 2014 Aroeste won the Sephardic Prize at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam, and represented the USA most recently at the International Sephardic Music Festival in Cordoba this past June 2015.

In early 2016 Aroeste will be releasing her fourth album, Ora de Despertar (Time to Wake Up), an all-original Ladino children’s album. Aroeste was inspired to write the album following the birth of her first daughter in 2013 when she realized there were no complete recordings of Ladino children’s songs available. She recorded the album while 8 months pregnant with her second child, hoping to leave a lasting legacy for all families interested in keeping Ladino alive for young ones. Whether through learning about times of the day, foods, body parts, numbers, nature items and more, Ora de Despertar exposes people of all ages young and old, and of any background, to Ladino songs that are simple, catchy and fun. The first single off the album, Las komidas (Mealtimes), teaches kids the different meals and times of the day: breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, dinner in the evening, and of course, the best meal of the day, dessert!

Bringing a fresh and inspiring modern sound to Ladino music, Sarah Aroeste has helped transform and revitalize a tradition. Working tirelessly to ensure that Ladino music gets passed down to a new generation, Aroeste and her work on Ora de Despertar is a wake up call for parents, and the outside world, that we need to open our eyes and teach our children about this beautiful culture before it is too late.

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